I Love Love

Zack and I met online. Crazy, I know. If you would’ve told me ten years ago that I would meet my future husband on a dating site, I would’ve laughed until I cried. We did, though, two weeks after I moved to Charlotte. I wanted to post about what I love about him and us as a couple. Maybe some of y’all can relate.
I love how he makes me feel. Cliché, right? Maybe. It’s true, though. Zack makes me feel beautiful when I feel like the equivalent of Ursula from The Little Mermaid. When I first wake up and my hair is an oily mess, my previous days makeup is running down my face because I never have the energy to wash it off and my teeth need a good brushing, mouth washing and flossing (about ten times… Morning breath SUCKS). I always wake up to “good morning beautiful”. Maybe he’s blind. Or maybe he just really loves me so much that he sees past the hideousness.
I love that he embraces my weirdness. I am weird. Scratch that I am a

one of a kind, where did I come from, how does ones laugh get so high pitched, are you laughing or crying?

WEIRD person. I make weird faces because it’s fun. I get so hyper that I start laughing different laughs and then start to genuinely laugh at those laughs until I’m crying and he’s staring at me like I just escaped the looney bin. He laughs with me… Well I guess, technically, he laughs AT me. But I’ll take. He doesn’t make me feel like a freak (though I just may be), instead, he makes me feel whole. He loves that I’m weird and a little loco. He shows me YouTube videos that he knows will make me laugh hysterically and he does not get embarrassed when I laugh in public.
I love the gap between his teeth. T Swift said, well… sang, it perfectly. He hates the gap in his teeth. It’s perfect to me. I’ve learned that imperfections are what make people different and beautiful in their own way. His gap is special, it’s adorable and its him. He can’t be 100% perfect, right?
I love that he puts me first.
I get hangry. Like, to the point where I want to rip off your head and eat it if you get too close. When I’m hungry, I want to eat and I want to eat where I want to eat. No, I don’t want Mexican (his favorite), I want chicken fingers with honey mustard and sweet potato fries with a sweet tea to drink. He wants to make me happy. It’s a husband thing I guess, but I appreciate it. Nobody likes a hangry Olivia.
I love him. Literally everything about him. His love for me, his hardworking nature, the fact that he takes longer than me to get ready and he never wakes up early. I love how he compliments me and leaves notes on the bathroom mirror when he leaves before I do. I love how he lets me have 4 animals in our tiny home and let’s them sleep with us (sometimes). I love that he lets me decorate the house however I want. I love that we can joke together and laugh about things that we never thought we would get over in the past. Our relationship is not “perfect”, is there even such a thing? But it is loving, supportive, FUN, comical and always growing.
I urge you all to think of your relationships whether they’re romantic or just friendly, and think of all the things you love about them. I’m sorry if this post was super mushy and corny, but sometimes ya gotta embrace the sugary sweetness of young love! Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “I Love Love

  1. LOVE your blog! I just binge-read your posts and wanted to tell you how proud I am of you. You are a strong woman to share your struggles with the world. Those who haven’t been there won’t understand and may post negative comments. TRASH ‘EM! Ignore the negative – those are from people who are in a bad place in their life. Focus on the positive! What you are doing will help you heal. 🙂 For the record – you ARE beautiful! Inside and out. Your sweet smile and gentle spirit shine through in all you do. Look at the wedding photos to remind yourself how beautiful you are….especially the “before” pics when you were giving everyone instructions (without makeup or hair done) to see what a natural beauty you are. Thanks for sharing your story. I look forward to your future posts.


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