I have really been struggling lately. My job is beyond stressful, my bank account is suffering greatly, I’ve been feeling super self conscious and I’m lonely. 

Going to Ocala three times in 5 weeks had its pros and cons. I loved being able to see Neene before she went to heaven, telling her I loved her and sharing stories with family members about our memories of her. Being with my family and seeing a select few friends really helped me in my time of mourning. 

Yet, I did miss four days of work which is about $600 that I did not make. Money isn’t everything and it doesn’t make you happy, I know that. But when I get my paycheck and realize I’ll have $200 left over for two weeks, I lose my mind a little. 

I’m having a hard time being positive and happy. On my days off, I’m lonely. When I’m working, I’m stressed. I know things will get better but right now I’m in a dark space and trying hard to see the light. 


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