Mini Cecil

It has been a long time since I’ve last posted a blog post, I’ve been busy! Busy running between my bed and the bathroom to puke, busy taking trips to the ER and busy trying not to stress about baby!

To say morning sickness sucks, would be putting it lightly. It hasn’t just been “morning” sickness. It’s been morning, afternoon, evening, night… Every second of the day sickness. Starting at around our 6 week mark, I began throwing up anything and everything I ate. Nothing sounded good, meat was a huge no-no and I couldn’t even think about eating sugar! I am now 11w4d and have had two ER trips and am on two different types of medication. The main one is called Diclegis, which is specifically for morning sickness. I take the max dosage of 4 pills a day and have noticed a huge change! 

Being so close to entering the second trimester has me wanting to cartwheel around Charlotte. Knowing my baby has a healthy heartbeat and is growing healthily is such a great feeling. On my 24th birthday, May 24th, baby and I will be entering our 13th week! When we hit 18 weeks we get to find out the gender of our sweet baby. 

The names we have settled on are Eloise Kate for a little girl and Hudson Neal for a boy. Zack’s whole family wants it to be a boy since both Melissa’s are having girls this year. I couldn’t care less what the gender is, just that it’s healthy and happy!