I’m back!

I am now 19w4d pregnant with my sweet baby! It’s been a long time since my last post, I guess between obsessing over baby, getting the nursery together and working out finances and such, I’ve just been too busy to write! In the time that I’ve been MIA, here’s what’s happened:

I found out that my insurance doesn’t cover me while I’m pregnant… It was a super stressful day when I found out, but I did everything I needed to do and have been trying to focus on staying positive and trust that it will all work out how it is supposed to!

On July 1, at 18w preggo, we found out that we are having a BOY! Hudson Neal Cecil has been moving around like crazy in my belly at all times of day, but especially at night. When we went for the anatomy scan he looked amazing and perfect in every way. I can’t wait to meet him in 4.5 months!

As far as Hud’s nursery goes, I’ve finally settled on a rustic theme. His crib is a grey wood that we ordered off of Wayfair for $99 and it converts into a bed when the babe gets older! We painted a changing table ($25 at Once Upon a Child) and an end table/small dresser ($20 at a yard sale) a bright blue color and I bought a distressed looking cube storage system from Wally World for his books/toys. We have three light grey walls and one dark blue accent wall. Above his crib will be a wooden plank with his initials in metallic silver, above the changing table/bookcase will be a small gallery wall and on the wall with the window we will have two shelves on either side that we plan on making ourselves. His crib skirt will be a plaid flannel that my MIL is making for him, and he’s going to have a super cute quilt with woodland animals on it, I picked out the fabrics last night at JoAnn’s. I love decorating and it’s been so fun to see it all coming together. 

As far as body changes go, my stomach has definitely popped within the last couple of weeks, giving Hudson lots of room to move around (and he’s taking full advantage of that). I’ve noticed much less nausea and fatigue, I still get sick occasionally but nowhere near as bad as it was. Wednesday marks 20 weeks so halfway to meeting our son! 

Life has been pretty insane this past month, between doctor appointments, planning baby things and just loving my son in my belly. There have been lots of ups and lots of downs. I’ve been trying to just stay happy for my health and the health of Hud. I’ll try to post more frequently!