One year. 

Two weeks ago today we found out our baby had no heartbeat. Tonight, we sat down and planned out our course of action as far as when we want to start trying for another baby. I initially wanted to start right away, but I finally devised a plan that we both agreed on. 

Tomorrow I go in for my post op appointment and will ask for some birth control pills to start after my next cycle. After my appointment I’ll go to CTAE and turn in my application, and if it’s accepted (fingers crossed!) I’ll start school in July. It’s a ten week course so I will graduate with my credentials in September. Once I secure a job, I’ll wait the 90 days it takes to get benefits and then we will stop the birth control and start trying for our next baby. 

I’m impatient. I’m still sad. I still want two kids close together. But this tragedy has opened my eyes to the fact that things happen. Not everything goes as planned. Life happens. This plan for the next year may not go as we hope, or it may even go better than we could imagine. Regardless, it’s important to set yourself up for the life you want. I want us to be ready for the next baby financially and mentally. 


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