Movin’ on

I got in!!

Right after the miscarriage I decided I would go back to school to become a CNA. I applied, went to the info session and waited a few weeks without hearing anything. Well, on Friday I received a call letting me know that I was accepted into the July class!!

I am so excited. After a month full of heartache and disappointments I finally got some good news that has me looking forward to the future. My plan is to start school in July, finish in September and secure a job as a CNA in a hospital (preferably in the L&D unit) and continue school online to become a RN.

Life is starting to look a little better. I still have my bad moments where I find myself mourning the loss more than others, but I know they’ll be around a lot, especially as I near the due date.

I’m aiming to get pregnant again once I’ve been at my new job for a few months and have insurance and all benefits.