As of late.

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted. Life has been its usual self… crazy. I started school last week so since then have been juggling school, work and life outside of both. I was bumped down to part time at work yesterday which is, of course, a huge pay cut BUT I am grateful nonetheless. I’m determined to make it work- because in the scheme of things, money doesn’t matter. What matters for these next few months is:

  1. That I do my best in school (already scored a 95% on my first assignment)
  2. That I spend as much time as possible with Zack and Hudson
  3. That I practice my skills as much as possible so I can…
  4. PASS MY BOARDS!!! Then…
  5. Get a job as a CNA… preferably in L&D.

Goals, goals, goals. I’ve never been a huge goal setter. I’m sure it has something to do with my self esteem issues, never feeling good enough, etc. But times they are a changin’. Since starting school I have been a completely different student than I used to be. I actually STUDY (What!?), do my homework before the last minute, AND I’ve been taking full advantage of our open practice hours.

As a CNA student, I am learning 22 different skills among other things (LOTS of other things). Among those 22 skills, we will each be asked to perform 3 of them for our state boards in September. We won’t know which three skills we have until the day of. This means, obviously, we need to perfect each and every one so when the day comes, we knock it out of the park.

Lately I’ve had a full plate of emotions rollin’ around in myself. I am happy, excited, stressed, exhausted, nervous and optimistic. Being so busy makes me happy. It makes it difficult to dwell on sad or negative things. Knowing that boards are only a couple months away makes me excited, stressed AND nervous. I’ve never been so determined to do well. This career will have such a huge, positive impact on myself and my family. I’m optimistic in the hopes that I do well and succeed in my goals. And a few years down the road I will set more goals for myself to advance my career further. But for now, I am determined to do well in school and enjoy working as a CNA (God willing I pass) for a few years while soaking up time with my family and hopefully adding another mini into the mix.

Stay tuned…


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